Meet Anyell, a first-generation college student on a path of self-discovery.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Proud Gaucho, Anyell Mata

If you want to meet someone who has always been open to exploring and trying new things, then get to know Anyell Mata. Beginning in his early high school years at Apollo, Anyell has consistently been on a path of self-discovery. “I went out for athletic teams, took a wide variety of classes, got into extra-curricular activities and challenged myself with AP classes. I tried all those things to see what clicked for me.” Stated Anyell. He added, “I really used my high school years to find out who I am what interested me the most.” Anyell stated that he always knew he was going to attend college someday, even though he is a first-generation college student. He explains, “My mom grew up in the Navajo Nation and my dad is from Chihuahua, Mexico and they did not have the same opportunity to go to college that I do.”

Anyell was set to go to ASU West and then he saw the tuition cost, which gave him pause. Shortly afterward he and his girlfriend were out and about and decided to stop by GCC, “just to see what they had to offer.” Said Anyell. “I met with an advisor for an hour and a half and they mapped out everything for me, including a President’s Scholarship that I didn’t even know I was eligible for. My advisor was great, they got me on the right track.” Anyell noted that his girlfriend also met with an advisor who got her all set up too.