GCC Art Club Transforms Student Union with Art Installation

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Art Unveiling image

GCC Students unveiled a permanent art installation on April 27th. The installation, on display in the GCC Student Union, consists of four large panels centered around a physical feature. Each panel reflects a distinct artistic style while the unique center feature makes viewers a part of the art.

The four-panel installation was created by ART Connections, the GCC Art Club, who found inspiration from their academic experiences at GCC, as well as making the transition back to campus from the recent pandemic environment. Their intention is to have the art to reflect a more robust, in-person campus experience. To unite the four panels, the student’s images project a learning experience that includes diversity as well as a positive future.

The project is the result of a successful collaboration between numerous departments on campus and was led by the student art club with guidance from their club advisor and had the full support of the college administration.


Devin Dawson, Club President says, “We need not fixate on the past, but move forward and contemplate the now. This art project represents the intellectual, creative and occupational potential of being a student at GCC. We hope all who see this art can move past the last two years and share our sense of hope for a positive future.”

Diane Sanborn, Club Advisor, states: “The convex mirror in the center of the panels allows everyone to become active participants. It is a point of self-reflection for the viewers to pause and think about the value of one’s own education and connect how each person can create a better future for themselves and their families. It is art for everyone! “

“The artwork that the students created is stunning and beautiful. It truly reflects the creativity, talent, ingenuity, and perseverance of GCC students. The four-panel installation has totally transformed the feel of our student union. I am truly humbled and grateful that these talented individuals have pooled their talents to create something that the entire community can enjoy.” Commented Terry Leyba Ruiz, President of Glendale Community College.

Members of GCC’s ART Connections present at the unveiling included; Emmanuel Beltran, Devin Dawson, Valeria Flores, Nathaly Gonzalez, Renan Kooistra, Yolvana Palacios, Amy Palmer, Landon Paluc, Alli Solomon, Huynh Minh Thy, and Sapreeme Williams.

The unveiling coincided with GCC’s 56th Student Art Exhibit. The annual juried student art show showcases the work of currently enrolled students or those who have been enrolled in an art class in the past year.