Meet Pedro, a proud Gaucho Theatre Arts student with his sights set on Hollywood.

Monday, May 10, 2021
Proud Gaucho, Pedro

Pedro Sanchez is not a stranger to pressure. From playing goalie on his high school soccer team to performing in theatrical productions at Glendale Community College, and completing his high school graduation requirements in record time, Pedro has the drive and determination to get things done.

That is one of the reasons he chose Glendale Community College; to channel his drive and determination to pursue his degree in theatre arts. After attending Cortez high school and a charter school, Pedro enrolled at a technical college. He admits that he was not motivated and the school was way too expensive. He became interested in GCC after talking to friends from high school who are now GCC student athletes, and he liked what they had to say. 

But what really drew him to GCC was the Performing Arts department. He caught the acting bug as a young boy and in high school he was active in all aspects of theatre, from acting to set building and from script writing to audio engineering. In his first semester at GCC, he earned a role in the fall semester production of “The Adventures of Superman - Batman’s Great Mystery.”

“My dream is to be in film someday!” Stated Pedro, adding, “I am starting a production company with my GCC friends and am working on auditions to build experience so I can go to Hollywood. My GCC theatre instructors have really helped me. David and Lesley are so open, I can go to them with anything from school concerns, to issues with friends and getting help with my acting.”

Pedro is confident that he is on the right track at GCC. He said, “I like having my destiny in my own hands.” He admits that he got a little off-track in high school. Pedro recounts, “I didn’t work as hard as I should have and I got way behind, but I didn’t give up! I picked myself back up and committed myself 100% and got caught up.” Same thing with playing goalie during shoot-outs, “I told myself ‘I control this game right now’ I would not get intimidated.”

As a first-generation college student he was hesitant to enroll, and for many reasons he is glad he did. Especially when it comes to his younger sister. “I know that my going to college motivated her to go too, and that makes me proud.”