Group and private piano instruction are offered through the Performing Arts department at GCC.

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GCC offers piano instruction - from beginning piano to advanced - in classical and jazz styles for both music majors and piano enthusiasts. Weekly studio classes are available for solo practice. 

The performing Arts Department offers all the music classes necessary for the first two years of a four year degree in music. Students have the opportunity to perform in many different ensembles, in piano concerts, and in master-classes with visiting artists. We are proud of the many former piano students who now have successful performing and teaching careers!

Class Piano Sequence of Courses

MUP130 - Beginning Group Piano: Introductory level. This is the ideal class for the complete beginner.

MUP131 - Class Piano I: Faster-paced introductory level. This is ideal for the student with some musical experience.

MUP132 - Class Piano II: Continuation of Class Piano I, with some more advanced harmonization and solo skills.

MUP231 - Class Piano III: Continuation of Class Piano II, with an introduction to reading for choir and band, as well as traditional piano skills.

MUP232 - Class Piano IV: Continuation of Class Piano III. Students completing Class Piano IV should be well prepared to provide keyboard skills in many musical settings, including accompanying, teaching, performing solos and reading instrumental and choral scores.

Private piano instruction in classical and jazz styles for both music majors and piano enthusiasts. 

Piano Student Performance Opportunities

  • Master-classes with visiting guest artists.
  • Traditional piano recitals.
  • Jazz combos and big band.




Room: MU1-108
Phone: (623) 845-4763