Enroll - New Student Checklist

Seek Academic Advisement

WAIT! Have you taken your placement test(s) yet? (see Step 2)
If you are a new student with no prior college credit you need to take placement tests before you can register for classes.

Attend the Gaucho 101 Enrollment Workshop and register for classes.

New college students who are enrolling in a degree program or who want to transfer to university need to attend the Gaucho 101 Advisement & Enrollment Workshop to register for classes. Attend early for the best schedule options and enroll in New Student Orientation and CPD150, Strategies for College Success. Ask about the due date for your tuition and fees.

You'll be ready for college after attending New Student Orientation (NSO)

New Student Orientation (NSO) is a required, 1.5 hour, free class (usually held the week before classes start) that will introduce you to the GCC campus, culture, your fellow students, and academic expectations. Research shows that students who participate have higher rates of attaining their goals.

Bring a copy of your class schedule. During the campus walking tour you will learn where your classrooms are located.

Enroll in Student Success class, CPD150

Learn how to improve your memory, manage test anxiety, develop a career and educational plan, and more, when you enroll in CPD 150, Strategies for College Success. This class is for everyone, and will teach you how to succeed in college. 

All first-time college students planning to complete an associates degree or transfer to a college or university who test into one or more courses below 100 level are required to complete the college success course, CPD150.

Do you have previous college credit or want to earn a certificate? Then meet with an Academic Advisor.

New GCC students with previous college coursework or those seeking a certificate should see an Academic Advisor in the Enrollment Center to determine which classes to take. New students are required to meet with an academic advisor before enrolling in classes.

At GCC main campus, no appointment is needed. Just walk in to the Enrollment Center. Students are seen on a first come, first served basis. Wait times can be an hour or more during peak enrollment times. At GCC North, schedule an appointment or just walk in. Contact the Advisement Department at your home institution.

(You must register no later than midnight the day prior to the first day class meets, with a few exceptions.)

Things to discuss with your advisor: