Apply for Graduation

You Succeeded, congratulations!

Now complete a Graduation Application!

This application is necessary whether or not you plan to participate in commencement ceremonies. In order to receive your degree or certificate, download, complete and submit the Application for Graduation (.pdf) during the last and final semester you are enrolled in the remaining course(s) required to complete your program of study. Exact dates for application deadlines are printed on the Application for Graduation (.pdf).

Note that, even if you are pursuing a degree, if there are related certificate(s) (CCLs or ACs), you can apply for those whenever you finish those requirements. For many students this means that they can be awarded one or more certificate(s) much sooner than their final degree. 

Submit a separate application for each degree and/or certificate you wish to receive and have noted on your GCC academic transcript. It is necessary to do this whether or not you plan to participate in commencement ceremonies.  

The application must include:

  • GCC catalog year
  • Degree pathway (Major)
  • Previous college/universities where you are using classes to fulfill requirements
  • If you're a current Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) honors society member, attach a copy of your membership card to your application.

Attach a completed check sheet for the degree or certificate listed on your application. Check sheets are available from an academic advisor in the Enrollment Center or the Admissions and Records Office. Be sure to use the correct check sheet for the catalog year you are following. Need help? Come talk to an academic advisor in the Enrollment Center.

Return your application and attached check sheet to the Admissions and Records Office in the Enrollment Center Building. You will receive a message within the Student Center ( from the Admissions and Records Office verifying your application status as soon as it is reviewed.

  • Application deadlines are:
    • Spring: March 6, 2018
    • Summer: June 25, 2018
    • Fall: October 2, 2018
  • Diplomas are awarded at the end of the Fall semester and at the end of the Spring semester. One Commencement Ceremony occurs each year in May. All those who fulfill degree/certificate qualifications throughout the year will be invited to participate in the Commencement Ceremony.
  • After your anticipated semester of completion has ended and all grades have been verified, you will receive your diploma in 8-10 weeks via US Mail. If you do not qualify for a degree or certificate, you will receive written notification. If you choose to complete the degree at a later time, you will need to petition again.
  • All debts to all Maricopa Colleges must be cleared before a degree or certificate may be awarded.