Who We Are. What We Believe.

Who We Are. What We Believe.

A Joint Statement from the GCC Faculty Senate, GCC Employee Senate Representatives & GCC Administration

Glendale Community College firmly believes in our commitment to student success and the diverse community of the West Valley. A college degree, earned certificates, and the skills acquired through a college education provide the promise of a better future for economic and social mobility for our students and their families. 

In a time when our nation is consumed with the unprecedented pandemic created by COVID-19, we also continue to come to terms with social and racial injustice; economic, health, and education inequity; and a rise in hate speech directed at our most vulnerable populations. GCC is not immune to these realities and concerns and is committed to keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe while on our campus and enrolled in our classes. The only way that we can address these pressing concerns is to give voice to ideas, promote dialogue, and create a safe space for open communication.

Across the nation, we are seeing an increase in hate speech and violence. Such actions are abhorrent and unacceptable and are in direct conflict with our GCC Values of Inclusiveness and Community. We condemn words of hate and violence in any form as the result is to threaten, intimidate, and instill fear in those they are used against. Hate speech and violence are used to silence voices from speaking up and out against social injustice and inequality. GCC will not be silent; we will speak up and speak out. 

We stand for treating individuals with decency, dignity, and respect. We value every member of our community, and we encourage civil dialogue and debate where thoughts and ideas are shared in an environment free from threat and intimidation. This is how we learn from one another, and this is how we grow as a college and as a community. In order for us to address the indecency, indignity, and disrespect experienced by those who are victims of hate speech and violence, we must stand together and not tolerate what has been tolerated in the past. We must look towards the future and ask ourselves what have we done to address these issues and what can be done to prevent them from happening again. 

To live up to our values, Glendale Community College is committed to action. We will initiate and facilitate important conversations by conducting multiple listening sessions with our students, faculty, staff, and community members. It is important for us to listen to our stakeholders in this critical work, allowing ourselves to hear voices that are not always heard. Engaging in civil discourse is how we begin to address and solve the challenges that stand before us. It is how we will learn together.

This will not be easy but it is important work; it is not the responsibility of one person or one office, but is for all of us. If we are to truly live up to our GCC Values of Learning, Quality, Integrity, Inclusiveness, Community, and Future-Focused, we must all engage, learn, and respond for a better and stronger future.


Tenisha Baca, GCC Faculty Senate President

Corry Porter, GCC Employee Senate Representative

Hannah Lee, GCC Employee Senate Representative

Teresa Leyba Ruiz, GCC President