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Electronic Surveillance Products

Checking Out the EZWatch Pro. 3.0 HD

By Joe Kelepolo

When my wife and I were married, we moved into a house on Forty-third Ave. near Indian School Rd. in Phoenix. We brought all of our wedding gifts home, many of them still wrapped. We spent one night in our house and then headed out of town for a week. On our way home we received a phone call. The person on the phone told us that our house had been broken into. They said not to worry, though, because it didn't look like they took anything. However, when we arrived home and looked for ourselves, we found that everything was gone! All of our wedding gifts, my mountain bike, two televisions, a microwave, a lawn mower, keyboards, and even all of our personal irreplaceable items had been stolen. We felt sick. There was an alarm system on the house, but it failed. We called the police and they dusted for prints and took our report, but almost thirteen years later we still don't know who broke into the house. Perhaps if we had installed the EZWatch Pro 3.0 HD home surveillance system we would have been able to catch the thief and recover our stolen items.

The EZWatch Pro 3.0 HD is a home or business video surveillance system that can be purchased in either single or multiple camera packages. The packages come with everything needed to make them work, except the PC of course. Cameras can be set to run continuously or only when the motion sensor is triggered. When the motion sensor is triggered, a clear color picture can then be automatically emailed to the user. They can be mounted indoors or outdoors, and they can be set up through a wireless or hardwired system. The prices for these cameras start at $299.00. The EZWatch Pro 3.0 HD can be found at http://www.ezwatchstore.com.

Wikipedia says that surveillance cameras or Closed Circuit TVs were originally developed to increase security at banks. These early systems did not use a PC. Today, many surveillance systems are PC based. Some PC based video surveillance systems are marketed through popup ads on the internet, but the EZWatch Pro, a PC based video surveillance system, has been marketed in some highly creative ways. The EZWatch Pro has been featured on the CSI:NY television show. This is great publicity for the product. It is used to help solve a crime on the T.V. show. According to a Market Wire press release the company has experienced one hundred percent growth over the last three years and expects to do the same this year. This is probably due in large part to the size of the audience that the product can be marketed to. Anyone from a large corporation down to the individual consumer at home could have a need for this product. In fact, a thief was caught using a product of this type. According to Joe Boyle of BBC News, the thief stole the man's computer but failed to realize that his picture had been taken and sent to the web. When a consumer is making a choice between a hardwired system and a wireless system, Home Security Information tells us that wireless systems are easier to install than hardwired systems. However, John Schwartz says that wireless systems are more vulnerable to being tapped into by unauthorized viewers. So when a person installs a video surveillance system these are things to keep in mind.

Would I buy the EZWatch Pro 3.0 HD? The black and white systems at Wal-Mart are fuzzy and it is hard to recognize faces. The quality of the video samples on the EZWatch website is very clear. Other systems of comparable cost, and even some of the more expensive ones, do not have as many features as the EZWatch system. Professional systems can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. However, the price of the EZWatch Pro HD is extremely affordable. The EZWatch Free Guide says PC based surveillance systems offer the best bang for the buck. This type of surveillance would have definitely helped in our wedding tragedy. If we had installed one of these cameras, we could have set it up to email us a picture of the person who broke into our house. I would recommend this product as a top choice for affordable in-home video surveillance. When I am ready to install a video surveillance camera system in my home, it will be the EZWatch Pro 3.0 HD.

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