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The Voice - Student Newspaper

New 9-11 memorial includes piece of the Twin Towers

By Darin Lorzel

On Sept. 11, 2001, an event took place that would bring a country to its knees and shake our sense of security. And now 10 years later the same event unites us as we stand together.

That unity was in full display at Town Hall in Gilbert, AZ, as the unveiling of their memorial dedication took place on Sept. 11, 2011.

An eight foot, 1500 pound beam sat on top of a pentagon shaped granite slab, surrounded by four granite walls with the names of over 2000 men in woman lost during the 9/11 tragedies. A very emotional tribute to a very emotional day.

After the covers came off a loud ovation arose from the hundreds of people that came out to the unveiling, even the media members had to let out a cheer.

As I took a second to look at the crowd it was hard to find someone with dry eyes. After the unveiling, everyone had a chance to go to the memorial and get a closer look and touch it. As I took my turn touching the beam I was filled with a million emotions. The magic in it filled me and I immediately was filled with pride. I watched the others go and observe and I saw the same looks and feelings on their faces. The unity and pride that had taken over me washed over them as well. I saw service men and woman, media people, and even politicians drop their titles and become "Americans." A country once dropped to its knees by a tragic event, now stood as one. And even though thousands of lives were stripped of our freedom and millions more had their faith tested, we look to the future with hope.

And we will never forget.

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