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The Voice - Student Newspaper

Loughner terrified a nation but hes not a terrorist

By Meghan Moore
News Editor

After reading an opinion piece on Jared Loughner and the fact that if he was Muslim versus white he would be deemed a terrorist by our society's standards over just another person with obvious mental health issues that got me thinking.

America's stance that we are a melting pot of different races, creeds, and cultures and that we respect and endorse a more diverse individualistic nation has been the defi ning feature that differentiates us from many other countries, but for all our nations talk on how diverse we are as a country we still intrinsically stoop down to the inherent belief that white is the norm and place stereotypes on anything but if Jared Loughner were Muslim or Middle Eastern in appearance he most likely be classified as a terrorist, if he were black he probably be classifi ed as the "angry black man", and if he was Mexican American he would garner the dissatisfied immigrant since it did take place in Arizona, a state known for it's immigrant issues, but since he is white he is just a kid who has problems.

In all other instances race, creed, and culture would play a pivotal role into the motive behind the heinous crimes that were committed, but since he was white his race doesn't present a factor.

Not that this is nothing new, most minorities have felt this effect by the white majority, but I suppose I had hoped that after electing Barrack Obama as our president some things would have improved on the front where race, creed, and culture were concerned.

It isn't fair that America still attributes crimes based on a person's appearance, religion, and culture if they are not white and some form of Christianity.

America still has a long way to go before it can truthfully claim itself a tolerant, fair, melting pot of diversity when white is still the presiding model of the ideal American.

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