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The Voice - Student Newspaper

New York’s Democrati c Congressman, Charles Rangel, is found guilty

By Aydil Diaz

At last, the long 2 and a half year ethics investigation into New York's Demo- cratic Congressman Charlie Rangel is coming to an end. The very likable Congress veteran, Representative Charles Rangel who has been serving since 1971 was convicted in an ethics trial by a panel of lawmakers on 11 counts of ethical wrong-doing.

Some of the charges against him include: his use of House letterheads and staff to collect money for a college center named after him.

Rangel also fi led a decade's worth of misleading financial statements used for his New York apartment.

Furthermore, Rangel hasn't been paying taxes for 17 years on his Dominican Republic island villa.

The ethics committee averaged that he owes about $16,775 as of 1990. After the ethics committee deliberated for about three hours, they voted 9-1 for a censure.

A statement was later released by the Committee in a report that explained, "Although prior committee precedent for recommendation of censure involved many cases of direct financial gain, this committee's recommendation of censure is based on the cumulative nature of the violations and not any direct personal financial gain." If the House agrees to a censure resolution, the Speaker of the House would read the resolution of the censure to Rangel in front of his colleagues and The House would have the option of changing the punishment to a reprimand. Rangel has denied all allegations, "Even though they are serious charges, I'm prepared to prove that the only thing I've ever had in my 50 years of public service is service, that's what I've done and if I've been overzealous providing that service, I can't make an excuse for the serious violations."

The House has set a date to meet again with Rangel but their in a pickle because the congressman from Harlem is legendary for his friendliness, kindness, and is highly respected in Washington and New York.

If censured, Rangel would be the 23rd House member in that position.

Charles Rangel was found guilty on 11 of 12 ethic violations and what will happen next is up to The House, his fate is in their hands.

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