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The Voice - Student Newspaper

Authorities foil terrorists’ plot

By Meghan Moore

Dubai police and Saudi intelligence discovered bombs hidden within print toner cartridges boarded on FedEx flights at Yemen's capital airport, which were in route to the U.S. and the U.K. on October 31.

U.S. intelligence be- lieve the bombs were made by Al Qaida operatives in the Arabian Peninsula and the cartridges were found addressed to synagogues in Chicago, President Obama's hometown, as well as to parts of Great Britain.

Yet, analysts suspect the bombs were made to detonate in the air, destroying the aircraft and all the passengers on it rather than at their final destination.

Arab and U.S. officials also have found evidence linking the failed attacks specifically to Osama Bin Laden's affiliates within Yemen.

There was much congratulating on behalf of the U.S. to the Saudis for helping prevent actual terrorist attacks from being carried out.

Janet Napolitano, the US homeland security secretary, said: "The security system has no one silver bullet in it. You have to have multiple layers. This layer started with good information from the Saudis.

We were then immediately able to work with other countries, particularly the UK and the UAE, to segregate these packages, to begin the analysis about what they were, what they could have done."

Although, the plan failed and no Americans or British were hurt, the U.S. warned of becoming lenient or lazy.

With the bomb failure, Al Qaida insurgents and militants will be even more hard pressed and enraged to fulfill a terrorist attack against the U.S.

Therefore, U.S. and Great Britain are putting more money into beefing up security measures within Yemen and creating closer ties with the Saudi governments.

Hopefully, this will be a step forward in preventing terrorist strikes.

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