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The Voice - Student Newspaper

Gov. Jan Brewer versus civil rights

By William Agy
Reporter, The VOICE

Governor Jan Brewer is placing Arizona in national headlines due to her recent signing of Senate Bill 1070 into law as a sea of protestors gathered outside the state capital.

This new law makes it a misdemeanor to be an illegal alien in the state of Arizona and allows law enforcement to detain a suspected illegal immigrant until they can prove their citizenship.

Along with this bill Gov. Brewer also issued an Executive Order that will create a training program for police officers so they can properly enforce the law.

Many Americans, especially Arizonans, say that this law will inevitably lead to racial profiling by law enforcement. Due to this new law, Arizona is in the limelight, but a lot of the headlines are not positive.

For instance, Rev. Al Sharpton even told several media sources he will come to Arizona and lead protesters to march the streets without identification.

These "freedom walkers" as he put it are will not be alone, however; in fact, protests are forming all over the United States.

From Los Angeles to New York protestors have gathered to voice their opinions. Arizona was even featured in a skit on Saturday Night Live in which cast member Seth Myers said, "I know there are some people in Arizona worried that Obama is acting like Hitler but can we all agree there is nothing more Nazi than saying "show me your papers."... So heads up Arizona, that's Fascism. I know, I know, it's a dry Fascism, but it's still Fascism."

The opposition to this law believes that immigration should not be dealt with at the state level since it is a primarily federal issue.

Based on this idea, opponents say the law should go to the courts immediately to determine its constitutionality.

Only time will tell if the law will survive the scrutiny but the opposition to this law say they will not stop fighting the law until it is no more.

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