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The Voice - Student Newspaper

Operation Christmas Child spreads the joy

By Amanda Williams
Reporter, The VOICE

A shoebox is all it takes With the holidays upon us and the goodwill state of mind spreading like wildfire, almost everyone is in the spirit of giving back; some people give their time, some give money, some help those who need it most.

One organization in particular does all of the above by giving hope to children all over the world.

Samaritan's Purse International Relief is the host of the world-known holiday program entitled Operation Christmas Child (OCC). OCC's sole motto is,

"Sending a message of love to children around the world."

OCC is able to achieve this by encouraging people to use an every-day item to bring joy to a child's face; a shoebox is all it takes.

The purpose behind the shoebox idea is to fill it with items for a boy or girl (age ranges anywhere from 2-14 years old) that lives in a poverty-stricken country, giving them a little taste of the joy of Christmas.

The shoebox can be filled with a variety of items; books, toys, daily hygienic supplies, coloring books, candy, school supplies, basically whatever will fit in the box (within reason, of course).

Once the boxes are filled with goodies, they are to be taken to a drop-off station, where they will then be shipped off to the main location where volunteers inspect and wrap the boxes in wrapping paper.

The boxes are then shipped all over the worldwhether the destination be Central Asia, Africa, Mexico, Argentina, the sky is the limit- and given to children who would never otherwise experience the Christmas spirit.

In 2008 alone, OCC distributed over 1.2 million shoeboxes to children all across the globe; we can only hope that this year's intake will bring even more smiles to the faces that deserve it most.

To find out more information or how you can help, go to www.samaritanpurpose. com.

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