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The Voice - Student Newspaper

Tempe City Councilman, Ben Arredondo switches from Republican to Democrat

By Marcus Burrell
Reporter, The VOICE

When it comes to politics, usually a person is Democrat or Republican and that usually never changes.

Not anymore.

It seems like politicians are switching parties in a political square dance.

1n 2007, longtime Democratic senator Joe Leiberman shocked Washington by switching his affiliation to the independent party. And now the political party switch has hit Arizona.

Tempe City councilman Ben Arredondo has changed his affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

Arredondo, a long time Republican who has served on everything from a school board to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, is considering a run for the state Senate, following Meg Burton Cahill, who is expected to retire after the 2010 term.

The only candidates who have announced their bids for office are Republican Wendy Rogers, who is planning on running for the Senate and Republican Augustus Shaw, who is seeking a seat in the House.

Next year, Arredondo's term on the city council comes to an end. Under Arizona's resign-to-run law, Arredondo has to step down from his current position in order to run for another seat unless he makes the change next year.

Arredondo is setting his sights on becoming the District 17 representative at 1700 W. Washington.

Will Arredondo make it as a new Democrat or be crushed by his former party?

Only time will tell.

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