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The Voice - Student Newspaper

Georgia teacher allegedly asked a student to kill another student

By Bekah Sipes
Sports Reporter, The VOICE

A teacher in Georgia will be facing the consequences of his actions as he was arrested for putting a "hit" on a student in his class.

Randolph Forde, a special education teacher at Mundy's Mill High School in Jonesboro, Georgia was recently detained by police for allegedly asking a student to kill another student.

Like in all high schools, word got around eventually making its way back to the intended victim himself.

The boy then went home and told his mother who called the school right away to demand affirmative action take place.

When the school did nothing about it, she pulled her son out of there because he was afraid for his own life.

This trouble all started late in September when Forde took the sixteen year old boy out of the classroom to ask him if he was gay. The boy was taken aback by what Forde asked him and they exchanged many words.

It was said that after that incident in October, Forde pulled a student off a bus and said that he would pay the student to kill the sixteen year old. The student then asked who it was and Forde wrote his name on a piece of paper and held it up.

"The allegation is [Forde] made a hit on him, but that was not what was said nor what was intended," said Forde's attorney. "The student only complained after he was getting suspended."

Forde was arrested in October with charges of terrorism threats against him. His bond was set at $10,000 and he is now out on bond. He now has a restraning order held to keep away from the student.

In accordance to the school, Forde is out on administrative leave without pay but that doesn't ease the fear that Marcia Killabrew, the mother of the victim, and her son feel that he might hire someone to kill him.

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