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The Voice - Student Newspaper

Arizona universities' tuition

By Bridget Alarcon
Reporter, The VOICE

Arizona students' college tuition will not be decreasing until 2011.

The Arizona State University (ASU) 2010 plan to lower tuition cost has been put off for two more years.

"What really is going to happen, no one knows at this time," stated Young, an ASU official.

Arizona college students will have to wait two more years to receive an ASU bachelor degree at a decreased rate. A potential business idea from ASU: receive a business degree from W.P. Carey School of Business.

The program colleges@ asu plans to partner with community colleges. Students can then receive an ASU bachelor's degree at community college rates.

The University of Arizona (UA), also partnered with other community colleges, has 12 bachelor degree programs and is developing partnerships with Central Arizona College and Chandler College.

Northern Arizona University (NAU) is said to be partnering with the Yavapai Campus in Prescott. Two degrees to be offered are business and environmental majors.

By decreasing the rate at ASU, UA, and NAU, the Board of Regents' main goal is said to encourage students to continue their education and receive their bachelor's degree.

New students at ASU and UA are paying $6,840 for one year; the national average is $7,020.

Tuition at Maricopa Community Colleges is $2,130 per year.

Gov. Jan Brewer met with the Board of Regents to plan a proposal for lower tuition costs but the plans to reduce tuition cost will not be finalized until December or January.

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