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The Voice - Student Newspaper

News Articles

Light rail expanding to Glendale in 2019

By Bridget Alarcon

Valley Metro board members plan to expand the light rail to Glendale. The extension is to be completed in 2019.

MAPPS freezes tuition at universities

By Bekah Sipes

Everybody is becoming more aware of what the economic recession has done to our economy. It seems like everything has gone up and what seems to be going up more and more is tuition rates at major universities.

Preparing for the 2012 catastrophe

By Bekah Sipes

On Dec. 21, 2012, predictions say that the world is going to end in a cataclysmic catastrophe that will entirely annihilate our world as we know it.

Young team looking to step up in '09-'10

By George Astephan

As the 2009-2010 men's basketball season is about to begin, head coach Dave Hodges is holding late evening practices to help improve his team.

Government progress: slow in success, still positive in the eyes of the public

By Michelle Tabatabai-Shahab

A year after President Barack Obama was elected by the registered voters of America what has he accomplished for this country?

Spitting is not cool, it's hazardous

By Mary Allan

Spitter! Hello, Swine flu!

I am so mad I could spit!

This was one my genteel mother's favorite sayings, and when she said it, you knew she was mad, because in her day civilized people did not spit.

Activista Hispana arremete contra Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Por Luis Montes

"En verdad no me importa lo que digan. Vamos a continuar con las redadas. Le puede enviar este mensaje a la Señora de Tucson que tiene en su programa," respondio el Sheriff del Condado Maricopa Joe Arpaio en una entrevista por CNN con Anderson Cooper, el cual le pregunto que si seguiría esforzando leyes inmigratorias a pesar que el Gobierno Federal esta en desacuerdo.

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