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AZ Legislation takes big bite from education apple

By Rogelio Macias

Thousands of protesters gathered in downtown Phoenix on Mar. 4 to show lawmakers that the education budget reform is vital to Arizona's wellbeing. Parents, teachers, education support professionals, students and taxpayers converged on the Capitol to demonstrate the profound and strong support for the states public school systems, and their disagreement with the fiscal cuts being thrown at Arizona's students.

Guitar concert compliments performers

By April Moody

The Guitar Music Program here at Glendale Community College (GCC) is an exceptional program that inspires students on their way to becoming professional, elite guitarists.

Technology births social isolation

By Sergio Vaquera

Recent studies have shown that as technology has grown, so have people: further apart. The ability to communicate with others around the world has opened a new realm of possibilities but has it hurt us more than helped us.

Gauchos snuff out 'Yotes twice 9-0, 4-1

By Matt Petersen

For one day at least, Glendale Community College softball showed what it's capable of.

The Gauchos' offense erupted for nine runs in the first inning against Chandler Gilbert last Thursday. That would be all the scoring they would need in the first game of their double-header, as Glendale would go on to shut out the Coyotes 9-0.

The sun is out and outdoor fun is in

By Amanda Savage

With the sun finally starting to shine through the fog of winter, students are trading in their Uggs and chic scarves for sundresses and suntan lotion.

Flowers blooming and the semester ending isn't the only great thing about Spring. The great weather brings about many diverse events and activities in the Valley to satisfy that summer itch every student is starting to feel.

From art walks to sporting events, there are a lot of things to look forward to in the Spring. So get off of Facebook, stop watching the Discovery Channel and get out and experience some things for yourself.

Limbaugh: 'I hope Obama fails'

By Mary Allan

Radio talk show host and conservative political commentator, Rush Limbaugh sounds dazed and confused.

Limbaugh is known for his insults and diatribes against President Barack Obama.

Nuevo innovador programa ofrece diploma de post grada sin dejar GCC

Por Brent Whiting

Para cualquier estudiante, dos-mas-dos es igual a cuatro. Sin embargo, para Elizabeh Elkes-Johnson y muchos estudiantes del Colegio Comunitario Glendale, la educación toma un significado más profundo. Esos números significan una oportunidad de ganar un post grado de la Universidad de Arizona del Norte (NAU) sin dejar de asistir a GCC. En otras palabras, dos años de estudios básicos más dos años de instrucción de los profesores asignados por NAU a GCC es igual a un diploma de cuatro años de universidad.

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