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The Voice - Student Newspaper

News Articles

Spanish club broadens horizons

By Leah LeMoine

The event – open to all students and staff but attended primarily by Spanish and communication students – was billed as a cultural exploration of Ecuador, a tiny but populous country wedged between Colombia and Peru on the northwestern coast of South America.

Inspirational GCC weight loss stories

By Luis Montes

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over the last 20 years more and more people in the United States have been affected by obesity. As of 2007, the state of Arizona had an obesity prevalence of 25.4 percent.

War on global warming comes to GCC campus

By Leah LeMoine

"Teach-In" educates students, staff on global warming issues "You people are different from anyone that ever came before you. You actually care about the environment."

Sutherland out, Madison in as women's coach

By Matt Petersen & Justin Shepard

The Lady Gauchos' whirlwind season touched down on the Glendale coaching staff two weeks ago.

Women's basketball head coach Tom Sutherland was released from his coaching duties as a result of an undisclosed incident within the team.

Segregation; an unfathomable idea for most Gen-X'ers

By Matt Petersen

Being an Arizona native, I go swimming at least 75 times a year.

Drinking fountains and the precious water thereof are necessities I take advantage of on a near-daily basis. Bathroom breaks are not only mandatory, but at times a welcome relief from boring classes. I've taken my fair share of bus rides.

Is the Octo-Mom totally out of control?

By Rogelio Macias

Single, unemployed mother of fourteen babies, seeks media attention for her new batch of octuplets. She is looking for endorsements while disregarding her offspring's wellbeing.

Estudiantes celebran cultura Latina

Por Leah LeMoine

El evento estuvo abierto para todos los estudiantes y empleados pero primariamente concurrido por estudiantes de español y de Comunicaciones concentrándose en la exploración cultural del Ecuador, un pequeño pero poblado país localizado entre Colombia y Perú en la costa noroeste de Sur América.

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