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The Voice - Student Newspaper

GCC students, community protest Arpaio's methods

By Rogelio Macias
Freelance Reporter, The VOICE

On Monday, Oct 27, a group of students, community leaders, and individuals with a passion for equality gathered in downtown Phoenix at the Wells Fargo Tower to protest the evils of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Photo by Michelle-Tabatabai-Shahab

A myriad of people came together to protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "racist" methods of enforcing the law. Arpaio has come under a tremendous amount of scrutiny after his raids for illegal immigrants.

Arpaio has two floors of the tower that he uses as headquarters where he houses his administrative staff.

Arpaio and his people take up 31,250 square feet of space; the cost is $19.20 per square foot, or about $600,000 yearly, paid for with the tax payer's money.

Sounds like another unnecessary squander of the American people's tax dollars.

For the past nine weeks protesters have been meeting outside of Wells Fargo Tower in objection to the harboring of Sheriff Arpaio.

This ongoing protest is organized by a local immigrant rights group, PUENTE, and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network which is based out of Los Angeles, CA.

The participants of the demonstrations are there to demand that Arpaio be evicted. They voice and show there repulsion with Arpaio and his constant inexcusable acts of racial profiling, raids and never ending persecution of the Chicano community.

When asked her opinion on why others who feel unaffected by the injustices that are happeningin their city Justine Garcia, student and Estrella Mountain Community College M.E.Ch.A. member, replied,"Why shouldn't you care? Families are being separated everyday! Money and time are being wasted with raids, instead of trying to find real criminals. They are hunting normal people who are trying to better themselves. It's uncalled for and it has to stop!"

Many similar actions have erupted across the nation in cities like San Francisco (where Wells Fargo head office is located), Los Angeles, and Chicago. The group meets Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Protesters plan to continue their actions until Arpaio is out. Everybody is invited to come out and fight against ignorance and bigotry.

If you are a fan of equality and acceptance then head downtown to 1st avenue and Washington.

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