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The Voice - Student Newspaper

District's future in hands of Lumm or Srch

By Justin Shepard
Reporter, The VOICE

There are two candidates battling for District 4 office of the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Governing Board. This election, Randolph Lumm and Paul Srch are each hoping to win the votes to take the seat currently occupied by Scott Crowley.

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Randolph Lumm (left) and Paul Srch (right)

Randolph Lumm believes finances are an important issue with the MCCCD.

According to his website, Lumm is running for the board because "the community college needs a qualified and experienced board to address the serious financial problems. It also needs someone who supports education and who will look for new ways to solve problems."

Lumm also states "I will be aggressive in doing the board fiduciary responsibility in budget review, primarily in the area of travel and credit card expenditures. I will work to keep administration costs down and keep tuition affordable."

Like Lumm, Srch has a strong stance on keeping tuition low.

"I believe that education is the gateway to success", Srch says. "We must ensure that all who desire the training that will enable them to move from being consumers to contributors can receive it, without the burden of ever increasing tuition bills."

Furthermore, Srch states on his website that his goal is to not only refuse tuition increases, but to actually work hard to cut it. "Ideally, I would like to see tuition cut by up to 50 percent over the next six years."

Randolph Lumm believes his variety of experiences serving on different boards, as well as his experience as a program contractor specialist for the Arizona Department for Economic Security gives him the qualifications to serves on the board.

Paul Srch notices the importance of the community colleges. He states that they are a "vital resource for the future and a vital asset for our present."

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