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The Voice - Student Newspaper - February 27, 2008

Textbooks can empty pockets

By Mary Allan
Reporter, The Voice

It costs how much? Those are the plaintive wails of college students as they pour out the big bucks to purchase college textbooks. The price of textbooks has gone up 186 percent since 1986, and students are feeling the pain.

It is not unusual to pay over $100 for a textbook at Glendale Community College(GCC). If a person is carrying a full load they could be paying over $500 a semester. About 60 percent of students will not purchase a book because of the cost according to a National Association of College Store study.

If people wonder why the price of the books is so high, the National Association of College Stores has an answer. The publishers. The cost of textbooks breakdown like this, Publisher: 64.3 percent Bookstore: 22.4 percent Author: 11.6 percent Shipping: 1.7 percent. Textbooks are a business and the main goal of any business is to obtain profit and increase royalties. The GAO study found another major reason college textbooks keep on increasing t the frequent publishing of new editions and textbook supplements. There may be some classes that need updated books frequently, such as science and technology. However that does not explain why literature books change often.

Another problem with expensive books is that they are easy money for the sneaky thief, sometimes they are stolen in broad daylight. There is not much you can do about price of books but with a little patience and perseverance the situation can be handled.

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