Pay 4 Print

Printing in GCC computer labs is managed by the Pay4Print program.

Printing Prices

Black and white printing costs $0.10 per page (no extra charge for double-sided printing).

Color printing costs $0.50 per page (no extra charge for double-sided printing).

Setup your printing account (complete directions are posted at each charge machine)

  1. To activate your account, insert your Student ID card into one of the deposit machines located in the Library (at Main and North) and HT1 (Main).  
  2. Add money to your account, if needed, up to $10. Deposit machines take only cash. Change machines are located in the Library.
  3. If your Student ID card is not accepted by the deposit machine, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance.

Begin a Print Job

  1. Click the Print icon or use the menu to select Print.
  2. Select "Print Release - BW on Ennelin" or "Print Release - Color on Ennelin."
  3. For Windows: Click OK to print single-sided. To print double-sided, click on Printer Properties, select the Printing Shortcuts tab, and select Two-sided (Duplex) Printing, Click OK twice.
    For MAC: Click Print to print single-sided. To print double-sided, select “yes,” under 'Print on both sides'. Click Print.

Releasing your print job at any Printer Release Station (located throughout lab areas)

  1. At the Print Release station, enter your MEID and password in the Start Session login dialog box. Then click OK.
  2. You can change which machine your document will print to, or click OK to use the selected printer.
  3. When the Release Station window opens, click the desired Document Name, then the Print button. Your account will be charged at this time.
  4. When all desired documents have been printed, click End Session and log out from the print release station.


  • Print jobs remain in the print queue for six (6) hours and can be routed to any print release station. After six hours the print job is automatically deleted.
  • Manage your printing account by checking your balance when you release your print job. If a print job exceeds your account balance the job will not print.
  • Do you really need to print? Save paper-and money-when possible! Preview documents and print only the pages you need. Send information or documents through email or save them to a USB. 
  • Print on both sides (duplex printing) for no extra charge.
  • Take large print jobs to the Copy Center.
  • The Cashier's Office can refund money left in your account. We recommend keeping only as much money in your account as you think you will use.
  • If your Student ID badge does not work you can use this tool to find your personal code to add funds to your account.

If your print job fails or you need help please contact the Technology Service Desk.