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Technology & Consumer Sciences

Drafting Technology

Susan Campbell
Occupational Program Director, Faculty
CAD Technology and Interior Design
(623) 845-3164

Available Degrees and Certificates


Algebra and Graphs for Design Technology / 3 credits

Algebraic principles and applications used in the design trades. Additional topics in the use of rectangular coordinates.

Prerequisites: MAT092 or equivalent, or 1 year of high school algebra, or permission of department.


Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry for Design Technology / 3 credits

An introduction to plane trigonometry and plane and solid geometry with practical applications to the field of design drafting. Problems in the analysis of force, stress, and vectors as well as primary geometric considerations.

Prerequisites: DFT106 or equivalent.


Introduction To Architectural Drafting / 3 credits

Emphasis on basic drafting techniques and principles of architectural drafting. Use of basic drafting instruments. Includes lettering, line weights, dimensioning, multiview projection, floor plans, elevations, construction details, and portfolio development. Prerequisites: None.


Building Trades Blueprint Reading / 3 credits

Analysis and interpretation of technical drawings common to the construction industry and building trades.

Prerequisites: None.

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