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Disciplinary Probation and Suspension

According to the laws of the State of Arizona, jurisdiction and control over the Maricopa Community Colleges are vested in the State Board of Directors for Community Colleges of Arizona and the District Governing Board. The Governing Board and its agents - the chancellor, administration and faculty - are granted broad legal authority to regulate student life subject to basic standards of reasonableness.

In developing responsible student conduct, the Maricopa Community Colleges prefer counseling, guidance, admonition and example. However, when these means fail to resolve problems of student conduct and responsibility, appropriate disciplinary procedures will be followed.

* Misconduct for which students are subject to disciplinary action falls into the general areas of:

  1. Cheating on an examination, laboratory work, written work (plagiarism); falsifying, forging or altering college records.

  2. Actions or verbal statements which threaten the personal safety of any faculty, staff, students, or others lawfully assembled on the campus, or any conduct which is harmful, obstructive, disruptive to, or interferes with the educational process or institutional functions.

  3. Violation of Arizona statutes, and/or college regulations and policies.

* See Academic Misconduct and Student Disciplinary Code in the student handbook for the complete text of the regulations covering misconduct.

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