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Credit / No Credit Courses (P/Z)

Credit/No Credit Courses (P/Z)

Some courses may be taken under a credit/no credit grading system. These courses carry grades of P (credit, equivalent to a grade of C or higher) or Z (no credit) and are not computed in the student's grade point average. Credits earned with a grade of P may be counted toward graduation.

The prescribed time limits are for full-semester classes. Time limits for classes which meet fewer than sixteen (16) weeks are adjusted accordingly. See "Important Deadlines for Students".

In courses with credit/no credit (P/Z) grading, the student may request standard grading (A, B, C, D, F), within fourteen (14) days including the date of the first class meeting. The instructor must immediately notify the Office of Admissions and Records.

In courses with standard grading (A, B, C, D, F), the instructor determines if the credit/no credit option is available. If the option is available, the student must obtain the permission of the instructor. The instructor must notify the Office of Admissions and Records within fourteen (14) days including the day of the first class meeting.

It is the student's responsibility to verify the transferability of credit/no credit courses. Some universities place a limitation on the number of credit/no credit courses that can be transferred.

Advisory note: Some institutions outside the Maricopa Community Colleges may translate the Z grade as failing.

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