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Enrollment Information

FAQ: Registration

Q: How can I register for classes?

Q: How can I pay my tuition and fees and get a copy of my class schedule if I registered by phone?

Q: Where can I get a copy of my class schedule?

Q: Do I need transcripts sent to GCC to register for classes?

  • Transcripts from other schools are not mandatory for course registration, but are considered beneficial, especially if you are seeking advisement on what classes you need to take to complete degree requirements. Also, a transcript would indicate if you completed a course at another college that would be a prerequisite for a class that you plan to take at GCC. See the Transcripts section of this web site.

Q: Does GCC provide any services specifically for minority students?

Q: Do I have to pay for my classes at the time I register?

Q: I'm unable to pay at this time. Does GCC offer a payment plan?

  • Maricopa Community College District offers a payment plan for all students. Students pay a down payment and a percentage down (depending on when a student enrolls) and pay flexible monthly payments. There is a $20.00 enrollment fee (non-refundable) per semester. To sign up for a payment plan go to your Online Student Center at .

Q: Where can I get a refund?

Q: Can I get on a waitlist for a class?

  • The academic department offering the course determines whether a class has a wait list. If a wait list does exist for the class and the class is filled, you can be placed on the wait list at time of registration online, in person and via telephone registration. If placed on the wait list, it is the student's responsibility to check, on a daily basis, if enrollment has taken place and that tuition and fees are paid so that a drop for non-payment of fees does not occur.

Q: Where are finals?

  • Finals are normally held in the class meeting location. See the Calendars and Schedules section of this web site for upcoming final exams schedules.

Q: How much does it cost to attend GCC?

Q: How are tuition and fees determined?

  • Fees are determined by the Maricopa Community College Governing Board and approved by the State Board of Community Colleges. They are set to cover a small portion of the expenses needed to operate the college. Most of the fees are provided through state funding, which is why the fees are as low as they are, compared to private schools and state universities.

Q: What is a course fee?

  • Course fees are placed on academic courses for a special service, equipment, supplies, or other needs not covered by tuition charges. This might include biology lab specimens, software for a computer class, or clay for a ceramics class.

Q: What is an occupational fee?

  • Occupational fees are placed on occupational courses to help cover extra costs, such as copies distributed by the instructor, equipment used in the classroom, etc.

Q: What is a technology fee?

  • Technology fees are placed on some courses that use technology in the classroom. The fee helps to cover the extra cost of the technology (e.g., computer, printers, paper).

Q: What is a registration fee?

  • A Registration Fee is charged only once a semester (per campus) for credit classes. If you add a class, you do not pay another registration fee. However, if you register at another Maricopa Community College, you will pay a registration fee at that college as well. There is no registration fee for non-credit courses. If you receive 100% refund, you will also be refunded the $15 registration fee. The registration fee is not refunded after the 100% refund period.

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