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Enrollment Information

Information for Students Temporarily Leaving their Studies

Handouts: Information for Students Temporarily Leaving their Studies at GCC


Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • If awarded financial aid and attending only one semester of the academic year prior to leaving, you must notify Student Financial Aid at (623) 845-3366. Financial Aid.
  • Presidents' Scholars should contact the Honors Program Office (LA 128, 623.845.3742) prior to departure. A Deferment Application and the required documentation must be on file before a student leaves in order to retain future eligibility. Honors Program.

    For all other scholarships, check with the granting organization to learn about deferment policies.

Veteran Educational Benefits & Military Activation

  • If you are collecting veteran educational benefits, contact the Veteran Services Office at (623) 845-3363 for information on VA policies.
  • If you are leaving GCC because you have been activated by the military, please review the information available at the Veteran Services Office or call (623) 845.3363.

Advisement & Registration

  • Speak with your academic advisor before you leave for suggestions that may ease your return. Also discuss your catalog year.
  • If you choose to allow someone to act as a proxy in your absence, leave a signed letter stating your consent for full access to education records by this designated person or persons. Leave this form with the responsible person and submit a copy to Enrollment Services.


  • Confirm your address and phone number by contacting Enrollment Services at (623) 845-3333. Check your academic records online to ensure accuracy at
  • Make sure you have taken care of all college business, such as returning library books, paying any outstanding fees owed to GCC, and correctly withdrawing from classes (if applicable) to ensure you leave in good standing. Enrollment Services - (623) 845-3333, Enrollment Services.


Readmission & Registration

  • If you have missed one or more semesters, review your academic and financial records. Access by checking
  • Update your address and phone number by contacting Enrollment Services at (623) 845-3333 or at
  • Come in to Academic Advisement to meet with an Advisor. (623) 845-3090.
  • Register for classes via the web at
  • Carefully read through the information in the Schedule of Classes at Online Class Schedule for changes to policies, procedures and deadlines. Policies and procedures change on a regular basis.

Financial Aid

  • Apply for financial aid by the first Friday in April to meet the priority date of the academic year for which you will be returning to GCC. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed online at FAFSA. Be sure to request a PIN* number for both yourself and a parent, if applicable.
  • Having a pin number will allow you and your parent to submit signatures electronically which will speed up the time it takes to process your FAFSA.
  • For other financial aid questions, contact the office at (623) 845-3366. Financial Aid.


  • At least one month prior to the beginning of the semester, Presidents' Scholars with preapproved deferments must submit a letter addressed to the Honors Coordinator at the college where the leave was requested stating their intent to return to the Maricopa Community Colleges. The letter should include the student's name, his/her Maricopa ID number, and the semester he/she intends to return.

Veteran Educational Benefits & Military Activation

  • Contact the Veteran Services Office to reactivate your Veteran benefits, (623) 845-3363.

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