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Social Sciences - Sociology

Welcome to GCC's Sociology Department

In his Invitation to Sociology, Peter Berger describes a sociologist as one who is "concerned with understanding society in a disciplined way".

Have you ever wondered...
  • why some people are poor while others are rich?
  • why some people divorce while others remain married?
  • why some schools desegregate while others remain segregated?
  • why some people are employed while others remain under or unemployed?
  • why men tend to experience the workplace differently than women?
  • why some people respond well to change while others do not?

In attempting to address these issues and other complexities of everyday life, Sociology offers a range of explanatory perspectives and methodologies with which to systematically ask questions about and examine and interpret social behavior. Sociology is particularly concerned with how and the extent to which our behaviors are shaped by the context in which they occur, and secondly, how societies are established and change.

This Sociology Website is designed to familiarize you with the discipline of Sociology, our faculty, curriculum and course offerings, and how Sociology can be useful to you (resources, professional societies, career opportunities). We invite you to become acquainted with exciting opportunities and experiences in Sociology available to you at Glendale Community College: 



Glenn Sims
Assistant Chair
Office: 05-103