Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

What are Scholarships?

  • Scholarships are monies given to you as a gift to help pay for college. Therefore scholarships are considered Financial Aid.
  • Scholarships are offered through local and national organizations, businesses, institutions and private donors and even at GCC.
  • These funds are given through applications either maintained by the colleges or the donors
  • Amounts and qualifiers vary for each scholarship
  • Special requirements may be attached

Can a foundation, business, online database, et cetera advertise through your website?

Scholarships will only be considered for advertisement through the Financial Aid Office and Website if they are specifically for GCC’s students.

What types of scholarships are offered by GCC?

Some are for specific majors or degree programs, some are need-based, and others are based exclusively on academic merit. Each scholarship varies and each application will outline requirements.

When are the Deadlines?

There is no one deadline as donors determine each aspect of their scholarship opportunities. They open at different times of the year and close at different times as well. It is highly recommended for students to check resources often for new opportunities.

How long does it take for my scholarship to post to my account?

It can take approximately 10-15 business days once GCC has received confirmation of your scholarship, however this can vary during peak processing times.

Can receiving a scholarship affect my other Financial Aid?

It depends on the type and amount of Financial Aid you are receiving. Please visit the Financial Aid Office for a detailed look into your file.

Can I use my scholarship money to pay expenses other than tuition?

You can use financial aid to cover the following school expenses: tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, the cost of a computer, and personal expenses including transportation. You should check with the organization that awarded you a scholarship about any restrictions on its use.

What kind of answers should I provide on my written questions?

  • Your answers should mention how you meet the minimum requirements for each scholarship.
  • Read the essay directions carefully and write complete sentences.
  • Essay questions often have two or three parts to them. This requires you to write 3 or more sentences on each part. If you only write 1 or 2 sentences, you may be disqualified as a candidate for the scholarship.
  • Some scholarships are highly competitive, so make yourself stand out by following all of the instructions.
  • You may be asked to include some personal life experiences, such as your academic efforts thus far, obstacles you have overcome to continue your education, or your hobbies/interests.

What if my major or program of study is not listed?

If your major or program of study is not listed, select a major that most closely resembles it.

How do I know the scholarship is not legitimate?

  • If they ask for money to help find you money, probably a scam.
  • You are “guaranteed” a scholarship if you apply, probably a scam.
  • If in doubt, research them just like you would when buying a big-ticket item.

Where should the scholarship check be submitted?

If you received the check, bring it directly to the Financial Aid Office at either the Main or North Campuses. If your donor wishes to mail the check to the campus, please have them send it to the following address:

Glendale Community College
Attn: Financial Aid Office          
6000 W. Olive Ave
Glendale AZ 85302

Where can I look?

  • Your college’s or university’s website
  • Browse the list of External Scholarships
  • Your employer
  • Your parent’s employer
  • Non-profits where you volunteer

Is there a video I can watch for additional help?

Yes. Before applying to any opportunities, watch this tutorial on tips for completing your scholarship application successfully:



Where can I get help regarding scholarships?

  • Financial Aid Office
  • Writing Center
  • Instructors
  • Family and friends
  • Religious organizations
  • Newspapers or Libraries
  • has a great How-To article
  •’s Scholarship Fundamentals is a great resource

What if I need more help?

What if I have questions about Academic Works?

For questions about Academic Works scholarships, please contact