Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between scholarships and financial aid?

Scholarships are private donations given by individuals, businesses, organizations, and employees to students in order to pursue academic endeavors. Financial Aid is federal money, awarded to you from the Department of Education.

What scholarships does GCC offer?

GCC scholarship opportunities open at different times of the year. Some are program-specific, some are need-based, and others are based exclusively on academic merit.

What kind of answers should I provide on my written questions?

Carefully read the application criteria to determine minimum requirements. Your answers should present yourself in a professional and clear manner. Consider including some pertinent life details, your academic efforts thus far, any difficulties or obstacles you have overcome in order to finance your education, and your hobbies or interests.

What if my major or program of study is not listed?

If your major or program of study is not listed, select a major that most closely resembles it.

What if I need more help?

For more help contact