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Food & Nutrition Department

Online Courses

We currently offer online courses to meet student needs:

Introductory Nutrition (FON100) 3 Credits

Basic nutrition concepts for health and fitness. Emphasizes current dietary recommendations for maximizing well-being and minimizing risk of chronic disease. Focuses on use of tables, food guides, and guidelines for making healthy food choices. Includes unique nutrition needs for selected stages of the lifecycle, methods for evaluating creditability of nutrition claims, principles of vegetarian nutrition, safe and economic use of supplements, principles of energy balance, basic elements of food safety, diet for exercise and sports, and personal dietary evaluation techniques. Not for predietetics or selected other preprofessional majors. May not be taken for credit if credit has been earned in FON100AA and/or FON100AC. Prerequisites: None.

Sports Nutrition And Supplements For Physical Activity (FON210) 3 Credits

Principles of nutrition applied to fitness, exercise, and sports. Dietary fundamentals as applied to body fuels, hydration, and other unique needs for exercise and sports. Includes dietary guidelines for weight or endurance training, glycogen loading, the pre-game meal, and glycogen recovery. Emphasis on maximizing fitness, performance, and safety. Discussion of supplements and their effects on metabolic enhancement. Discussion of anabolic, catabolic, and energy-producing agents. Addresses current supplements on the market. Prerequisites: FON100AA, or FON100, or equivalent, or permission of instructor.

Nutrition For Special Populations (FON230) 3 Credits

Managing and understanding the nutrition needs of special populations. These populations include people who are diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, women who are pregnant, children who are suffering from obesity, and senior adults. Prerequisites: FON100 or permission of Instructor.

Weight Management Theory (FON247) 3 Credits

Comprehensive study of genetic, physiological, psychological, metabolic, and environmental influences on body weight. In- depth study of the theories of body weight with emphasis on distinguishing between behavioral and biological approaches. Focus on discovering successful healthful long-term weight management strategies. Prerequisites: FON100 or FON241 or permission of Instructor.

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