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Food & Nutrition Department

Course Descriptions

We currently offer course to meet many student needs!!!

FON 100: Introduction to Nutrition (3 credits)

This course is great for those who want to learn the fundamentals of healthful eating. This course will help you read and interpret food labels while being able to create a healthy meal plan. Pre-requisites: None.

FON 100 will transfer as a general elective to the major state universities.

FON 104: Certification in Food Service & Safety (1 credit)

This course prepares individuals to take the ServSafe Exam. Pre-requisites: None.

FON 125: Introduction to Dietetics (1 credit)

This course is an introduction to the field of dietetics. The many professions in this field will be explored with many guest speakers. Pre-requisites: None.

FON 143: Food & Culture (3 credits)

For those who prefer to understand diet in the context of culture, this class will explore in-depth historical, religious, and socio-economic influences on the development of cuisine around the world. Pre-requisites: None.

This course fulfills the Cultural (C) and Global (G) designations for general education at the major state universities.

FON 210: Nutrition, Sports, & Physical Activity (3 credits)

This course focuses on nutrition that can be applied to different individuals depending on their sport or physical activity. Pre-requisites: FON 100 or FON 105

FON 230: Nutrition for Special Populations (3 credits)

This course is an in-depth investigation of nutrition through the life-cycle. Students will learn about nutrition during pregnancy, during infancy and childhood, during adolescence, and later adulthood. Students will also study the effects of diet on obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Pre-requisites: FON 100 or FON 105.

FON 241: Principles of Nutrition (3 credits)

This course focuses on the scientific study of how nutrients in food are digested, absorbed, and metabolized by the body. Students will explore how nutrition needs are related to health and have the opportunity to learn how to apply nutrition knowledge to their everyday lives. Pre-requisites: None.

FON 241 alone will transfer as a general elective to the major state universities. This course is also a requirement for the Nutrition programs offering degrees in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. FON 241 is also a requirement for Nursing programs offered at ASU and Grand Canyon.

FON 241LL: Principles of Nutrition Laboratory (1 credits)

FON 241 when combined with FON 241LL fulfills the General Science (SG tag) for many degree programs offered at Glendale Community College. Please check with your advisor or contact Shohreh Moshrefzadeh, Nutrition Program Director.

NOTE: Nursing students are NOT REQUIRED to take this course. However, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND Nursing students take this course. You will have the opportunity to learn how nutrition influences health more in depth than in any other course.

FON 247: Weight Management Theory (3 credits)

This course explores how to manage weight for health and fitness purposes. The focus will be on application of the principles learned in either FON 100 or FON 105. Pre-requisites: FON 100 or FON 105.

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