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December 20, 2005

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GCC Biotech Student "Out-Competes" Others for Sun Health Job

An Associate's Degree in Biotechnology from Glendale Community College has proven to be a powerful employment tool for Jamie Pruitt, recently hired by the Sun Health Research Institute (SHRI) as a full-time technician. GCC's strong biotech program, directed by Dr. James Tuohy, prepares students well for such positions. Pruitt first obtained an internship with Sun Health while she was still studying at GCC. Upon her recent graduation, she was hired full-time, replacing an employee with a master's degree. "Jamie has worked out so well for us that we are talking to Dr. Tuohy at GCC about getting more student interns," says SHRI's Dr. Andrew Grover. Tuohy "This is thrilling for me because most of the local biotech industries require at least a bachelor's degree," Tuohy responds. "I know that my graduates, appropriately trained in biotech techniques, can out-compete an applicant with a general bachelor's degree." For more information about GCC's biotech program, contact Tuohy at or 623.845.3845. Or visit the web site at (Photo of Jamie Pruitt attached.)

GCC Multiple Intelligences Program Wins National Award

Another national award for its Multiple Intelligences program affirms that students learn in effective ways at Glendale Community College. On Dec. 16, the Multiple Intelligences/Learning for Understanding initiative (MI/LfU) won first prize in the "Assessment of Student Learning" category of the National Council of Instructional Administrators (NCIA) 2005 Exemplary Initiatives Competition. NCIA is affiliated with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). The award will be presented in April 2006 at the AACC national conference in Long Beach, California. Composed of professors from several different disciplines, GCC's MI/LfU team has developed instruction based on the theory that everyone learns differently (multiple intelligences). Psychology professor Dr. René Díaz-Lefebvre was the first professor to apply Dr. Howard Gardner's now-famous research on Multiple Intelligences in community college classrooms. Students demonstrate understanding of class material in innovative ways beyond traditional paper-and-pencil testing. Díaz-Lefebvre has authored several books in English and Spanish, and lectures widely in the U.S. and abroad. The GCC MI/LfU program is currently under the direction of team member Dr. Ernesto Escobedo (Photo of Dr. René Díaz-Lefebvre attached.)

15th GCC Nursing Student Wins Banner Thunderbird Scholarship

Vanessa Frias will have her costs for nursing training at Glendale Community College covered by a $6,000 scholarship from the Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Volunteers (BTMCV). It will cover her tuition, books and other expenses during the two-year GCC nursing program. Frias is the 15th GCC nursing student to win a BTMCV scholarship since the scholarship program began in 1993. Volunteers fund two GCC nursing scholarships each year. Kathy Lane, Director of BTMCV, says, "These scholarships are a real win-win for Arizona and our hospital, as well as for the students who receive them. New nurses help ease the nursing shortage in Arizona, and several GCC nurses who won our scholarships have worked at our hospital either during or after their training." GCC is located at 6000 W. Olive Avenue in Glendale. For more information about the GCC nursing program, visit or call 623.845.3200.

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