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May 12, 2005

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GCC North Hosts Community Forum To Discuss Growth, May 24

An open community forum to review plans for new buildings and other major facilities upgrades at Glendale Community College North will be held Tues., May 24, 2005, at 5:30 p.m., in the Mountain Ridge High School Auditorium, 22800 N. 67th Avenue. In Nov. 2004, voters approved $105 million in bond funding to support GCC's overall facilities needs. This event will review how a portion of these funds will be used to help GCC North expand to meet the growing needs of its students. The GCC North campus at 57th Avenue and Happy Valley Road now operates at its capacity. GCC North opened in fall 2000, and has served more than 6,600 students since then. Enrollment for the current semester is 1,461. Growth statistics indicate that the GCC North must be prepared to support a 30% increase in its student population over the next 10 years. For more information, call 623.845.4001 or 623.845. 3006.

Children Get Summer Help in Math and Reading at GCC

Step Up to AIMS
Children entering 3rd through 8th grades in the fall can receive math help in "Step Up to AIMS" prep classes. Math skills "strands" will be taught to several grade levels. Call 623.845.3805 for a detailed program flier. Students may register for several different strands in their grade level. Each class meets for one week (Monday through Thursday.) Course fees range from $53 to $88. Each class also has a $5 materials fee payable to the instructor. Glendale Community College is located at 6000 W. Olive Avenue in Glendale.

Reading Clinic
Adults and children of all ages can get reading help this summer at Glendale Community College's Reading Clinic, which includes remediation, retention, comprehension and/or speed-reading. Special needs such as dyslexia can also be addressed. The student to teacher ratio is 2:1 and the registration fee is $360. Two sessions of classes meet Monday through Thursday for 1.5 hours, for four weeks: June 13- July 7, and July 11-Aug. 4. Call 623.845.3805 for a detailed program brochure. To initiate the enrollment process, call lead instructor Jo Lock at 623.931.2530 to schedule required pre-testing, which is $50.

New Students Get Free Help "Bridging the Gap" at GCC

The Counseling and Career Services Department at Glendale Community College debuts its free "Summer Bridge Program," designed to assist students with the numerous issues involved in transitioning from high school or the world of work into college. Choosing a major, identifying a career, study skills tips, selecting the right classes, strategies for academic success and more will be discussed in a series of summer workshops. Taught by GCC counseling faculty, workshops are offered at a variety of times and days and are all free. According to GCC Counselor and Bridge Program Coordinator Joseph Bednorz, "Research has shown unequivocally that students who enter college knowing how to study, knowing strategies for success, and having a career path in mind, are much more successful." For a brochure about the Bridge Program, lists of the workshops, and registration directions, call 623.845.3064. Glendale Community College is located at 6000 W. Olive Avenue in Glendale.

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