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May 27, 2004

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GCC Enrollments Up for Summer and Fall

Summer enrollments at Glendale Community College are up over last summer; first summer session starts June 1. There is still time to register for second summer session which starts July 6. Students are also strongly encouraged to register now for fall classes, which begin August 21, as enrollment is already 14% above this time last year. Senior Associate Dean of Enrollment Services Mary Lou Massal attributes this strong upswing in enrollment to the college's campaign urging students to "register early to avoid the last-minute crush." To request a summer or fall schedule of GCC credit classes, call the automated schedule request line anytime at 623.845.3314. Community Education noncredit classes are also available; call 623.845.3805 to request a noncredit schedule. Glendale Community College is located at 6000 W. Olive Avenue in Glendale.

Life Science Learn and Travel Opportunity

The public is invited to register for a summer field-study and data-gathering trip offered by Glendale Community College (GCC). BIO149AK, "Reef Fish Ecology of the Northern Sea of Cortez," is an opportunity to participate in a one-credit class that will include lectures on reef fish ecology, fish diversity and identification of common species. The class will culminate in a two-day dive trip to Rocky Point to gather fish species and fish abundance data for a national ecological database. Two introductory evening meetings and class lectures will be held at GCC in early June; the trip to Rocky Point will be June 25 and 26. GCC is located at 6000 W. Olive Avenue in Glendale. Cost of the course is under $200 and includes overnight housing in Rocky Point. Students will provide their own transportation. Ability to swim/snorkel is required. For full details, contact trip instructor Dr. Robert Reavis at or leave a message for him at 623.845.3277. To view the trip web site, go to and click on the name Dr. Robert Reavis.

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