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GCC’s Remodeled Student Union Is Selected in Premier Competition


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The recently remodeled Student Union at Glendale Community College was selected to appear as an "Outstanding Project" in the category of Student Centers in the magazine American School & University: Educational Interiors Showcase. This is a premier competition honoring interior design excellence in educational buildings.

GCC was one of 109 nationwide projects selected for awards, and will be included in the August 2008 issue of American School & University with both a listing in the awards section and a full-page feature story with color photos. Architectural Resource Team (ART) of Phoenix was the design firm for the GCC Student Union project.

The magazine and its web site ( are major resources for school and university design excellence. The website was launched in 1999 as a virtual gallery of American School and University magazine's Architectural Portfolio and Education Interiors Showcase issues. has become a preferred online destination for those interested in the latest award-winning education facility ideas, designs and information.

The 30,000 square foot Student Union remodel included the addition of windows and glass doors on the north and east faces of the building which opened it to the main campus corridor and provided an inviting entry for students. The new design took a little-used interior atrium, blew out the walls and covered the opening with an enormous skylight (one of the largest of its type in Arizona) to create a beautiful, climate-controlled, indoor dining room. Not only did this add usable square footage to the building, it introduced a high level of daylight that had not been present before.

The coffee cart was replaced by a Starbucks-type, built-in coffee bar next to the sky-lit dining room. A cyber café was established, allowing students to plug-in during casual meetings or access the Internet for personal use in a bright and lively setting. Quiet study areas now exist, as well as a game room for group activities such as ping-pong, air hockey, pool and more.

Much-needed office space was redesigned for Student Government and Student Life administration – all with glass, light, and bright new design elements. Since its remodel, the GCC Student Union, always a gathering place for students, has enjoyed a huge increase in usage by students, faculty, staff and the community. It is a beautiful and versatile venue for campus and community events of all sizes.

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