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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment



Persons that are not affiliated with a law enforcement agency may wish to put themselves through the Academy.  To qualify for a seat in the Academy, they must complete a qualification process consisting of a background investigation, polygraph and medical examination.  (Even though you may have had these things done by another agency, AzPOST requires each agency to do their own.)  As an open enrollment cadet, you will have to pay for this process to qualify.  The price at this time is approximately $650.  The Academy uses Arizona Investigations & Professional Consultants, PLLC to conduct the background investigation and polygraph, and a medical facility with AzPOST certified physicians.  This qualification process takes approximately 1 month.  If you wish to put yourself through the Academy, you will need to initiate the open enrollment process by obtaining the proper forms and then contacting the background investigator.

Open enrollment applicants will be required to participate in a physical fitness assessment to determine their overall level of fitness. The physical fitness assessment will be the Cooper test (1.5 mile run; push-ups, sit-ups and vertical jump) with a minimum of 40% set as the goal for the applicants to achieve. The test will be given approximately one or two weeks prior to the start of the academy class. The score achieved by the applicant will be used along with the other information obtained in the background to determine the potential for success of the applicant. A score below 40% will not automatically disqualify the applicant but will be taken into consideration before a position in the class is offered to the applicant.


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AzPOST Open Enrollment Policy

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