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GCC Academy History




The Academy was started in 1978 by a small group of people led by then G.C.C. Administration of Justice faculty member G. "Duke" Schafer and Glendale Police Department administrator John "Jack" Rose. Through the years the program has developed into the best community college based academy in the state and is held in high regard by the law enforcement community.

The Academy Commander was "Duke" Schafer until 1984 when Jerry McCown, then an administrator with the Glendale Police Department, took the helm. Mr. McCown held the position of Academy Director until January 2008. He was replaced by Geoffrey Leggett who had recently retired from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Mr. Leggett served as Academy Director until December 2011. The current Director is Penny Babb who has been involved in Arizona Law Enforcement for more than 25 years.

The Academy's logo as shown was adopted in 1992. The outer shape of the logo is dedicated to Mr. Schafer and is the shape of the patch for the California Highway Patrol, the agency he was last with until his retirement. The five point star in the center which bears the seal of the State of Arizona depicts the source of all Arizona law enforcement officers' authority and the authority under which the Academy is certified; the State. The five point star was used by the original Arizona Rangers as well as territorial sheriffs. The red ring entwined in the star is a reminder of all law enforcement officers that have died in the line of duty. MCCD, for the Maricopa Community College District, which identified the need for community based law enforcement programs and supports them throughout the District. The letters MCCD are surrounded by two olive branches, depicting the peace officers primary objective in society, that of keeping and maintaining the peace. The words GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE is for the institution that supports, facilitates and directs the Academy in its endeavor to deliver the highest quality training possible.


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