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$81 per credit hour
If you haven't registered during the current semester, there is a $15 registration fee
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Registration: (623) 845-3333

Concealed Weapon Certification (AJS151AA)

8 Hr CWP Class

AJS151AA is specifically designed to meet the training requirements for the Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit and for those experienced or knowledgeable of firearms.

Cost: The class is 1/2  credit hour and there is a $25 lab fee to pay for the course book, range supplies, fingerprinting and targets. If you are not registered for a class at GCC, there is also a $15 registration fee.

What does the class include: There are 4 hours of classroom lecture and interaction and 4 hours of range training. Lecture sessions include legal aspects of owning and using a firearm, safety, mindset, marksmanship basics. The range training includes familiarization training and a short qualification course.

What doesn't the class include: The permit ($60) which must be submitted to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  Also, students must supply 50 rounds of ammunition.  If a firearm is to be borrowed from the college, you would need 50 rounds of new factory (US made) 9mm ammunition.

What firearm may I use: Any pistol or revolver may be used as long as they qualify as a ‘firearm’ by Arizona law. Air guns may not be used, as it must fire a powder charged cartridge. Magnum loads are discouraged due to the impact on other students.

Must I use the firearm I will carry: No, the law does not require you to attend the class with the actual firearm you will carry, however it is strongly encouraged.

May I borrow a firearm: Yes. Firearms in caliber 9mm are made available for students needing one. Simply contact the instructor the first day of class and advise them of your need. You will need to purchase 50 rounds of factory USA manufactured 9mm ammunition, since the college does not provide ammunition nor is it available at the range.

Student requirements: Pistol or revolver (one may be borrowed by notifying the instructor), strong side belt holster, 50 rounds of ammunition, eye protection, ear protection (school has ear and eye protection if needed), and cap with a bill to protect the face.


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