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Student Success Stories in the High Tech Centers

Student SucessStudents overcome tough hurdles and challenges through the coaching of a team of GCC staff who inspire them to never give up until they have reached the finish line. With the support and interaction of faculty, Help Desk staff, and tutors from the Center for Learning, students regularly reach their goals and frequently with flying colors! The team of caring experts at the PIT of the High Tech Center (HTC), who have made student success the keystone of their mission, never fails to encourage and motivate students to keep going and win.

Cathy is one of the students tutored by Larry, a staff member of the Center for Learning. He has been helping her master her Excel and Outlook courses through these past semesters. Although Cathy can only afford being a part-time student, her perseverance and determination have brought her to the final leg of completing her secretarial certificate course. She glowed with excitement when asked about her immediate goal after graduation. “I look forward to applying for a full-time job in a non-profit organization office where I am currently a volunteer.”

Faculty members have extended their coaching outside the classrooms by providing much needed help at the High Tech Center. “Over the years, the High Tech Centers have played a critical role serving GCC's community by helping our students succeed step-by-step. Every semester we've seen students like these change their lives because of personal connections with GCC employees on the HTC floor. As a result, many GCC students have found renewed hope by learning new employable skills, building new confidence in themselves, and starting new careers,” added John Gibson, a faculty member who has regularly helped students at the High Tech Center.

It does take the whole GCC community to move forward. These small steps add up to a giant leap toward knowledge and success!



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In Touch Newsletter Volume 2, Number 1
April 16, 2010