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Final last wave of the wand

Parting thoughts from the Editors of In Touch…

staffIn our final wave of the magic wand we would like to take the opportunity to thank the In Touch Staff for their hours of dedication, candor and knowledge of all things IT that have been such an important part of publishing each issue…

Josh Krek – our uber tech that took complicated infrastructure projects and put them into terms that we could all understand

Michelle Blomberg – created the In Touch layout and served as the Blackboard liaison

Maureen Weibel – our link to the Helpdesk, the cheerful voice on the phone that has her finger on the pulse of technology challenges thanks!

Linda Leyva – for her creative inspiration

Jennifer Toole – for her artistic vision and magic wand logo

Nanette Espinocilla – for keeping track of timelines, deadlines, revisions and all of us in the writing process

Lori Bush – for laying out each issue, linking, cutting and pasting and maybe a few nagging emails along the way

Greg Rogers – Publisher, Marketing Director and Project Champion

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In Touch Newsletter Volume 2, Number 1
April 16, 2010