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Edit & Eat...If you feed them, they will come…



Developing, writing, and testing are all essential elements of providing useful documentation and reference materials to the end user in a service-oriented organization. But, how do you know if your hard work will function once it gets into the hands of your customers? Collaborative testing is the key…


OIT has come up with a tasty formula…we call it Edit & Eat. Several sets of end user documentation have been tested, edited and revised with this effective method. Debbie Gilsdorf has been developing documentation in an educational environment for years and has had very positive feedback and participation with the efforts.



Simply gather department stakeholders, documentation, pencils and something to nosh on then…edit and eat. This is an informal way to get everybody around the table for a common purpose, a few laughs and some great collaboration. Many times in the edit process, common pitfalls will emerge giving your team an opportunity to work through the problem solving process together to produce vetted document.

So sharpen up those number two pencils, pass the bagels and let the collaboration commence!



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In Touch Newsletter Volume 2, Number 1
April 16, 2010