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Human Resources

Employee Separation

Employee Separation Guidelines and Procedures

Overview of Guidelines

These guidelines establish procedures and processes for the separation of employees from Glendale Community College. These guidelines cover all separating employees including permanent board approved employees, adjunct faculty, temporary workers, special service contractors, student workers, and work study students. These guidelines also cover all separations including resignation, retirement, termination, ending of an RPS assignment and transfer to another Maricopa College or work unit within GCC. When an employee leaves a position at GCC, outlined exit procedures should be executed. All exit procedures require supervisor action. In addition, some exit procedures may require employee action.

Rationale for Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to insure the assets of the organization are protected, prevent unnecessary costs to the college, and reduce risk posed by unauthorized access to administrative systems, facilities, and college services.

The guidelines address the Blue Ribbon Panel Recommendations related to Internal Control and the MCCCD Governing Board policy addressing Asset Protection. These guidelines do not replace or take precedence over any policy approved by the Governing Board or state/federal law.

Statement of Guidelines At Glendale Community College supervisors and employees are required to follow prescribed steps when any employee separates their employment with the college. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring the safety of information, return of college property and for assuring a smooth transition of duties to a new worker when a separation takes place. The employee is responsible for satisfying outstanding debts, returning college property, and insuring complete separation information has been communicated. Employees and supervisors must insure the following actions occur within the prescribed timelines of an employee's separation:

  1. All board approved employees must complete the employee responsibilities outlined on the board approved employee separation checklist on or prior to the employee's separation date. If an employee fails to return college property or clear outstanding accounts, the college will take action to recover assets. This action may include, but is not limited to, initiating collection processes with an outside collection agency.
  2. All supervisors must complete supervisor responsibilities outlined on the temporary or board approved employee separation checklists within one week (longer in the event of an employee death) following an employee's separation date. Failure to follow the separation guidelines or complete the steps outlined on the separation checklist in a timely fashion may result in unnecessary costs and risk to the college, and can result in disciplinary action being taken. In addition, as part of the separation process, every employee will be provided the opportunity to complete an exit interview either on-line and/or in person. Status of property accounting will be included as part of the exit interview process.

General Procedures for all Separating Employees

The GCC Separation Flow Chart and Separation Checklists outline the following separation processes in detail. Separation processes outlined on the separation checklists will be performed and recorded on the separation checklist as an official record of actions taken. Forms outlining supervisor responsibilities are to be completed by the supervisor within one week (longer in the event of an employee death) for all separating employees. A supervisor may delegate these responsibilities but is considered to be the person who is ultimately responsible. The supervisor copy of the separation checklist shall be retained in the department, with a copy provided to the employee. The separation procedure shall be initiated by the supervisor or Human Resources as soon as an employee has given notice of the intent to separate or a date of separation is determined. If the notice is received by Human Resources the supervisor will be immediately notified. If the notice is received by the supervisor, then he/she should immediately notify Human Resources.

Generally, the employee should give his/her notice in writing stating the last day he/she will actually work and the reasons for his/her resignation. The original letter should be sent to Employee Resources and a copy provided to the supervisor. A resignation letter template is provided on the web portal.

The supervisor will generate the appropriate employee separation checklist and begin the exit procedures. These procedures must be complete within one week (longer in the event of an employee death) of the employee's separation date. Human Resources will determine the separation date for board approved employees. The separation date for all other employees generally is considered to be the last date the employee worked.

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