Honors students are eligible to apply for the Presidents Scholarship.

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Honors Program

Are you ready to be challenged - intellectually and academically? Are you inspired to give back to your community, to make a difference through service to others, and to push yourself to excel?

Then consider the GCC Honors Program.

The GCC Honors Program rewards energetic, diverse and high-achieving students with engaging curriculum and academic, social and intellectual growth.  Honors students are challenged to think critically, communicate effectively, demonstrate integrity, respect intellectual property, and prepare themselves to be productive global citizens.

Honors students are held to high standards and expected to lead by example. For that effort and commitment, Honors students enjoy several benefits including early registration, dedicated faculty mentors, co-curricular activities, transfer assistance, and travel and scholarship opportunities.

The Honors Program accepts recent high school graduates through the President’s Scholarship and current students through the Achievement Award. 



Room: 07-118
Phone: (623) 845-3742
Building: Faculty Offices O7 (O7) - 118
Phone: (623) 845-3742