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This orientation can be viewed in sequence or by individual sections. To view a specific section, click the desired section from the menu bar above. The progress bar, located just below the sections menu, provides a visual guide as you progress through each section. Please note currently accessed section and pages are highlighted in red.

This orientation is divided into five sections. Below, is a brief listing of each section.

    1. OVERVIEW - Navigation tips and account retrieval options.
    2. eGCC - GCC supported technology resources - open labs, wireless access and server storage space.
    3. MCCCD - District supported technology resources -, student e-mail and Canvas/Blackboard.
    4. HELP - Contacts, guides, online tutorials and more.
    5. RESOURCE INDEX - A comprehensive resource guide. Resource links are categorized by provider (GCC or MCCCD) and technology.
Throughout the orientation are opportunities to TAKE 5 and learn more. TAKE 5 sessions are presented in video or overview format. To start a session, click the TAKE 5 logo.

Click the ...Know Your Technology Resources link above to return the orientation Welcome page.

Please use the navigation bar provided below to navigate among pages.

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