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How Do I Get My eGCC Username and Password?

... and Activate My eGCC Account.

Please follow the 3-Step procedure below to activate your eGCC Account, which will also set up your eGCC Email Account:

  1. Please contact the Helpdesk by telephone at 623.845.3555 to get your eGCC Username. Once you have your username, please continue to Step 2.
  2. Your default eGCC Password will be your month and day of birth and the first three letters of your first name, entered in the format MMDDaaa.
  3. Once you have your eGCC Username and Password, open up your Internet Browser and type in the following web address: .
  4. Enter in your Username and your default Password. Then choose a new Password that is 6-8 character long. The most secure passwords use nonsensical combinations of numbers and letters (capital and lower-case). Please see Frequently Asked Questions for additional suggestions.
  5. After entering your new password into the next two boxes, click once on the "Change Password" button, and wait to see that it has been successfully changed.

    Please do NOT share your Password with anyone!