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Green Efforts

Sustainability Initiatives

At Glendale Community College (GCC), we believe that a comprehensive commitment is necessary to becoming carbon neutral. Focusing on just new buildings or a few programs will not succeed on its own. All stakeholders must be engaged, all ideas considered, and initiatives must be regularly communicated and successes celebrated. At GCC, our comprehensive commitment has sparked sustainable efforts at multiple levels across the campuses and the efforts have enjoyed tremendous success. In addition, GCC acknowledges that true sustainability requires more than just our campus' efforts, so we foster sustainability for all future generations. Our comprehensive commitment approach is our policy, and has reshaped our values, guided our actions and changed our culture.

Sustainability initiatives completed and in progress:

  • Installed low wattage lamps in campus buildings and parking lots
  • Implemented energy and water saving sensors in classrooms, labs and offices
  • Switched to green chemicals and fertilizers
  • Designed buildings to LEED Silver standards
  • Consolidated facilities for the smaller summer schedules
  • Formed Green Efforts Committee and Environmental Club
  • Added Sustainability Certificate to college catalog
  • Developed courses designed to enhance education of sustainability education
  • Implemented Zero Waste
  • Established recycling program with over 300 recycle stations on campuses
  • Hosted a group of German university students traveling around the world in a fully solar powered vehicle, who were attempting to establish a Guinness World Book record while promoting sustainability in the most challenging emissions category for colleges and universities—transportation!
  • Converted utility carts to electric power models and forklifts to use natural gas
  • Collaborated with Blink network to add 12 electric vehicle charging stations
  • Hosted community e-cycle event, 60,000 pounds collected in 4 hours!
  • Completed Green House Gas Inventory, a detailed data driven benchmark
  • Established Sustainability Board-campus & community leaders focus resources and facilitate collaboration
  • Presented 'Forget the trees…they come from Boxes' at the National Collegiate Leadership Conference
  • Engaged student population-more than 20 campus activities last year alone
  • Educated all stakeholders through the colleges curriculum and extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • Participated in District initiative Paper Reduction Plan
  • Participated in community events
  • Publish ground-breaking tips sustainability tips
  • Piloted social media connection Green Nurture
  • Assisted Az Game & Fish Department & U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department by housing the states threatened Leopard Frog population
  • Support faculty sabbaticals with sustainability themes: A Floristic Inventory of Agua Fria National Monument, Arizona, USA and Modern Environmentalism and Traditional Fisheries, Kyoto, Japan
  • Used local resources for new structures
  • Transitioned landscape to xeriscape
  • Supported Focus The Nation by scheduling guest speakers and discussion panels
  • Competed in Recyclemania including waste minimization component
  • Rewarded sustainable actions
  • Transitioned automobile fleet to hybrid models
  • Developing Climate Action Plan will be completed this year
  • Sponsored monthly film and guest speaker series
  • Signed ACUPCC and all stakeholders committed

And we are not finished! Some of our future plans are:

  • Use Vermisoks to recycle food waste and produce top soil for campus
  • Remodel three technology and automotive buildings, redesigning each to LEED Silver standards, which includes a solar energy component
  • Become a tobacco free campus
  • Join Green Chamber: Greater Phoenix
  • Annual signing of the ACUPCC to include community partners

GCC will continue to raise awareness and establish a greater sense of pride in the college's sustainability programs. The public signing of the ACUPCC has invigorated faculty, staff and students to do more, to explore, to innovate and to take action to achieve a zero carbon footprint by 2025. We recognize that achieving this goal will be challenging, yet we will continue to embrace the learning, collaborative and innovative opportunities on our journey. Our values, our actions and our campus culture will demonstrate our comprehensive commitment to sustainability, moving toward carbon neutrality in 2025.

At GCC–-we're comprehensive–-we're committed–-we're on it!

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Content revised 2/12/14