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Green Efforts

Academic Certificates

As human consumption of resources continues, green living becomes an increasingly important global concept. With an understanding of sustainability and environmental awareness, students trained in this area can work in a variety of fields such as industry, consultancy, utilities, regulatory agencies and non-profits, as well as local, state and federal governments. GCC offers the following programs:

Academic Certificate (AC) in Sustainability

The Academic Certificate (AC) in Sustainability is interdisciplinary that builds a strong academic expertise along one of four significant pillars of sustainability, where students will examine and assess how to minimize unintended consequences and enhance a mutually productive relationship between man and nature.

Academic Certificate (AC) in Sustainability and Ecological Literacy

The interdisciplinary Academic Certificate (AC) in Sustainability and Ecological Literacy enhances students' understanding of sustainable living practices associated with economics, equity and the environment.

Other Sustainably-Themed Courses at GCC

Sustainable Topics for All Classrooms

Students are often the best source to begin any sustainable discussion. Suggestions below come from the January 2010 sustainable presentations, Day of Learning 2009 and district dialogue day. For personal calculators and up-to-date data:

Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization Lester R Brown

Take Action Calculate Our Impact on Planet Earth

Recycling for Dummies Facts and ideas to improve recycling at GCC

Ways to Combat Climate Change Information for instructors and students

Day of Learning 2009 Powerpoint Presentation

Green Resources 2009 handout, Day of Learning

Sustainable Classroom Ideas handout, Day of Learning

Driving Efficiency Assignment

Climate Crisis Powerpoint Presentation, Part 1

Climate Crisis Powerpoint Presentation, Part 2

Sustainability at CGCC

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