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iStartSmart Student Success Program

Welcome to Glendale Community College North and the iStartSmart program. We want to take this opportunity to make you aware of some very important first steps to take to ensure your success in your first year of college and beyond. Your success as a student is important to GCC North, so take a moment to read through this to understand your steps in our partnership toward helping you to achieve your academic goals.

New to College? GCC North's iStartSmart is the program for you. Create a strong foundation for your success as a student at GCC North by following the iStartSmart steps 1-7.

1. Set up your MEID username and Student ID

You will need a MEID (Maricopa Enerprise ID) Username and Student ID to access online services and conduct business at GCC North. Go to and click "First Time User Start Here".

2. Complete the Online Student Information Form (SIF)

Log in at using your MEID Username and click "MCCCD Admissions" to complete a Student Information Form online, or you can complete a paper Student Information Form at the Enrollment Office in the Chinle Building.

3. Take the placement (Accuplacer) tests in English, Reading, and Mathematics

As a new student you will take all three portions of the placement test (English,reading, and mathematics) at Testing Services. Completion of the placement test is required before attending an advisement/registration session. You will also view a brief video (click on video link below) to prepare you for an advisement/registration session.

4. Attend an Advisement /Registration Session

Attend a advisement/registration session to develop an educational plan, select classes, and register. At the advisement/registration session you will sign up for New Student Orientation as well as a student success course. Academic advisors are available at the Enrollment Office in the Chinle Building to assist you with your educational plans.

5. Attend New Student Orientation

Attend one of the New Student Orientation sessions (one hour, 15 minutes) and get off to a great start this semester. You will learn about faculty expectations and college-campus culture. We will guide you to important campus resources to help you to become more successful in reaching your personal and academic goals.

6. Complete the Student Success Course

In the student success course you will learn the attitudes, behaviors, and skills needed to succeed in college - what experienced students say they wish they had learned during their first semester in college - including how to accomplish more in less time, how to identify and use our learning style to learn more effectively, where to reach your goals, and how to build a support system of other students, faculty, and staff.

7. Pay for classes

After registering for classes check for the date that your tuition is due. Your tuition must be paid (or you must be enrolled in a payment plan) on or before the date your tuition is due. Go to to pay for classes or to sign up for a payment plan.

Watch the iStartSmart video now:

New Student Information

New Student Orientation - Required for all new students

New Student Orientation is a free one-time, one hour, 15 minute session that will give you the information you need to quickly connect with the GCC North campus community and student resources. You'll learn about student services, campus computer use, tutoring, other academic services, student organizations, and much much more. Orientation sessions are scheduled each semester - find one that fits your schedule by searching on "NSO" in the online class schedule.

Student Success Courses - Required for all new students

AAA115 (1 credit), CPD150(3 credits), and CPD096 (2 credits) are GCC North's Student Success courses. Designed to help you succeed in college, The courses teach skills that will build your academic abilities and provide tools for success. You'll learn more about yourself and your role in the educational process - you'll discover new study strategies, explore new habits for success, learn more about college culture, time management, goal setting, college resources, and relationships with professionals and peers. AAA115 is the basic success course while CPD150 delves deeper into each area and also covers educational/career planning. Both AAA115 and CPD150 transfers to all three Arizona state universities. Moreover CPD150 transfers to ASU as directly equivalent to UNI100.

Developmental Courses

National research has shown that more than 50% of recent high school graduates who come to a community college take at least on developmental course (below 100 level). These courses are very important to academic success. They will provide you with a strong foundation in English, reading, and math, which will help you transition to 100 and above level classes successfully. Please refer to your placement test score sheet to see if you placed into developmental courses. If you scored into developmental English or reading courses on your assessment test your advisor will recommend that you start with these courses your first semester. Math courses should be discussed with an advisor prior to enrollment because there are numerous factors to be considered in choosing appropriate math courses for your degree program.

First Year Experience (FYE)

The First Year Experience Program is a structured academic program designed to increase the likelihood of your college success. Your FYE classes are linked through instructors assignments and lectures. The goal of FYE is to promote learning in a supportive environment that will help you succeed in college. You will:

  • Make friends by taking a group of classes with the same students
  • Learn "successful student" skills
  • Experience a smooth transition to college level courses
  • Enroll in classes that are in highly desirable time slots reserved just for FYE students
  • Benefit from linked assignments' that apply to at least two of your classes

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